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“Reading Janice Landry’s books is like having a heart-to-heart with the wisest woman you know. Her unbelievable ability to connect with people means they open their hearts and tell her things they’ve never said out loud before. The resulting stories are rich and authentic tapestries shedding light on universal themes like grief, hope, resilience, and redemption. Her work is a master class in finding light in the darkness and sowing the seeds of hope.”

- Margaret Kashmir, Executive Communications Consultant, New York

“Janice Landry’s writing is informed by her journalistic skill and her intellectual abilities, but is rooted in her heart and soul. She is so clearly driven by purpose and passion, and that, for me,  is what makes her books so compelling.”

- Nancy Regan, Host, Soul Booth podcast

“Though the themes Janice Landry tackles in her books are often difficult ones, her intense compassion and empathy for her interview guests radiate from every page. When reading Janice’s books, it is obvious that she is an expert writer and interviewer who cares deeply about people and their lives. The stories she thoughtfully collects, writes, and shares are the exact type society needs to hear more about.”

-  Rachel Bower, Documentary Filmmaker, President, JRG Society for the Arts

“Janice Landry’s soft spot for unsung heroes impacted by life-altering trauma, her intelligent research and reporting skills, and her gifted writing abilities, have combined to provide a rich body of work that is both informative and transformative. Whether sharing her own experiences as the proud daughter of a firefighter, sensitively re-telling the stories of others living with PTSD, or documenting how gratitude can enrich our lives, Landry tackles the good, the bad, and the challenging in a way that reminds us of our shared humanity and what matters most.”

- Moira Leigh MacLeod, Author, The Bread Maker trilogy

“In The Price We Pay, Janice Landry offers us a straightforward and compassionate discussion of trauma and PTSD among first responders and others involved in shock events. Landry’s narrative is a delicate balance of journalistic inquiry, tempered by a respectful and protective treatment of the men and women who shared intimate and often painful details of their lives. This is a much-needed human and hopeful story during an age where scientific jargon, unfortunately, continues to mystify our understanding of the cause and recovery from the effects of terrible and unexpected events. The book contains a gentle caution about the power of secrets in contributing to lingering personal turmoil and suicidality among those who have been traumatized. It will be a valuable resource for first response populations and other people wanting to understand trauma through the life experiences of fellow Canadians.”

- Dr. John Whelan, Psychologist, Author, Narcissus Called My Name: Heroes and the cost of specialness, & Military Veteran   

“The Price We Pay is so well-written with many incredible stories between its covers. Each story spoke loudly to me, both as a first responder and a human being. I really believe there is no single audience for this book; anyone who reads it will connect with its words in one way or another. The interviews are candid, intimate, and, at times, very deep, raw and emotional. This book contains many stories of traumatic events and the vicarious trauma that affected those who lived through these events. But a much stronger message of hope and resilience, in the face of trauma, permeates each and every page; it left me feeling even more privileged to be a member of the first responder family and of humanity. This book is an absolute masterpiece and I am grateful for all of Janice's hard work and support for first responders. I know Baz [Landry] would be so proud of you, Janice.”

- Christopher Boudreau, Paramedic, Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia

Also from paramedic Christopher Boudreau: “The Sixty Second Story is a book in which Landry gracefully pays homage to all first responders. But, more importantly, this book serves as a touching tribute to Janice Landry's late father, Halifax Firefighter Captain Basil (Baz) Landry, M.B., and chronicles, in great detail, a dramatic rescue performed by her father of a baby boy from a Halifax house fire back in 1978 that earned him international recognition. The stories in this book are raw, powerful and at times very emotional, and really make you understand the strong bond shared by all first responders and their families. First responders are not "like" a family, they "are a family." It also highlights the fact first responders are never alone in celebrating successes or overcoming times of trouble; someone always has your back. As for the purpose of honouring her late father, Janice did it perfectly through this piece of work. You can't read this book and not feel the deep love, respect and admiration she has for her late father. I had never met Baz, yet somehow this book makes me feel like he was an old friend. Basil would be so proud of Janice's work and I'm certain the feelings of love, respect and admiration were reciprocal in this relationship; an awesome book, to say the least.”



“Having known Baz, and [he] being my role model as a person, firefighter, and an officer, I feel his daughter, Janice, has not only made us proud, but has captured the emotion of this fantastic rescue her dad performed in 1978, which led to The Sixty Second Story. I was privileged to have been Baz's driver for a number of years, and, on that particular day. When Janice told me her dad had passed [along] all [of his historical] documents to her and said, ‘You will know what to do with this,’ - he was right. This story has touched many and will continue to be in a special place in my heart.”

- Joe Young, Platoon Chief, Ret’d., Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency  

“I first met Janice at one of her book signings and have been honoured, ever since, to call her a friend. She has worn many hats over the years (reporter, writer, producer, university instructor) and now an accomplished journalist. Her father was her hero growing up, and, years after he passed away, his memory inspired her to write this book. The Sixty Second Story focuses on her father, Baz Landry, a well-respected Halifax firefighter. She tells us about his heroic rescue of a baby boy from a house fire, and how, years later, she was able to track down that very boy, who now is all grown up, to tell his story. The book also discusses the effects of Critical Incident Stress (CIS) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on first responders and their families. The next book she wrote, The Price We Pay, is, in my opinion, the follow-up or continuation into the world of first responders and the effects of CIS and PTSD, on their lives, and their families. I highly recommend both of these books, as I could not stop reading them once started. I believe they both have helped some first responders with their demons; so I thank Janice for bringing these important items to light.”

- Stephen Fenner, Firefighter/Engineer, Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency, Pres. FDIC Atlantic  

“It takes an exceptional author to capture the facts and emotions of life-altering incidents and weave them into a story that is both captivating and compelling. Given my personal first-hand experience with such powerful events, I can attest: Janice Landry is that author and these are those stories.”

- Medric Cousineau, SC, CD, Capt. Ret’d. RCAF, Author, Further Than Yesterday

“Having known Janice as a public speaker and author, I feel she has been an amazing advocate for first responders and their families. Janice uses her knowledge and compassion for these professions to positively influence others.”

- John Garth MacDonald, Advanced Care Paramedic, Clinical Coordinator Industrial Paramedic Services

“I have been an avid reader of Janice’s books since I first heard about her writings. As someone whose family has been in the first responder community, my appreciation and respect for those who put life, limb and soul on the line to help those in our community has only increased with each turning page. Her ability to personalize the events, as well as bring home the personal toll for our modern day heroes, comes alive in her writings and her narrative. I would highly endorse her work for those considering such a career path, or, those who live alongside those whom have chosen to serve our community in such a way.”

- Greg Taylor, Telecommunications Executive, Community Volunteer, Former Scout Leader

“Janice Landry is truly genuine and unique. Her works The Price We Pay and The Sixty Second Story offer rare but captivating accounts of dramatic life-changing events as seen from the eyes of first-responders and everyday people. Let yourself embark on this journey as Janice opens her heart through her writing.”

- Marc Cormier, District Chief, City of Dieppe Fire Department

“Heart wrenching, gripping and sizzling with emotion, the author draws the reader into the fast-paced world of emergency response with her intricately woven true stories of courage, tragedy, love and loss. Definite page-turners that keep you engaged until the end, and a beautiful tribute to her late father's career as firefighter.”

- Melissa Saucier, Paramedic, ANB Moncton

“In The Price We Pay, journalist and author Janice Landry dives deep into the nature, causes, intricacies, and long-term effects of PTSD. This important book shines a light on the stories of a wide range of Canadians who have experienced life-changing trauma, from Halifax Police Chief Jean-Michel Blais to Ontario paramedic Vince Savoia. In many cases, these individuals acted to save lives, while risking their own wellness, quality of life, and personal relationships. PTSD is a tough topic, but Landry obviously treats her subjects with the level of respect, care, and empathy required to handle such a sensitive topic without causing them additional harm. The result is a collection of personal stories that take the mystery out of a frequently misunderstood mental illness, and highlights the need for increased access to mental health care and resources in Canada. Finally, Landry's obvious interviewing skills and writing prowess allow us a personal glimpse into the lives of our greatest heroes, and what we learn, more than anything, is that they're only human, after all.”

- Sarah Sawler, author of 100 Things You Don't Know About Nova Scotia

Also from author Sarah Sawler: “Landry's empathy and respect for her subjects shines through in everything she writes. She has an enviable ability to put all the pieces together in a way that gives readers a clear view of the big picture, and her writing is evocative and accessible. Canada is lucky to have such a talented writer recording and sharing the stories of our greatest heroes.” 

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