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Janice Landry returns to CTV Atlantic, where she worked as a reporter and anchor, to discuss “The Legacy Letters.”

Credit: CTV Atlantic News

Janice Landry appearing on Global News Morning to discuss "The Legacy Letters."
Credit: Global News Morning

Janice Landry speaks with writer Denise Flint of Atlantic Books Today about “The Legacy Letters.”

Credit: Atlantic Books Today


Author Janice Landry appearing with anchor Paul Brothers on Global Halifax in November 2013 talking about the launch of “The Sixty Second Story.”

Janice Landry appearing on CTV News at 5 with anchor Jayson Baxter discussing the 2015 launch of “The Price We Pay.”

Credit: CTV News Atlantic



Stephanie Beaumont, singer and entertainment journalist, has featured two of Janice’s book launches on her website. Beaumont is a huge supporter of the arts in Eastern Canada.

Janice discusses “The Sixty Second Story” with veteran radio talk show host and journalist, Rick Howe, at the 22 minute mark in this link.

Courtesy: The Rick Howe Show and News 95.7

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